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Small Wall

* Prices available upon request.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

* Materials are subject to change without notice.

* Materials sometimes available only on a seasonal basis.

* Natural materials vary greatly in color & texture.

(You may experience slight variations of color and texture)

* Returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

* Mulch & Soils are not chemically or heat treated.

* No credit cards, we accept cash or check.

* Gift certificates available.

Architectural Building Stone Terminology
Bed Width - Material is hand broke or machine broke.
Brick Ledge - Foundation supporting laid stone.
Bull Nose - A convex rounding of stone edge.

Cap Stone - Flat stone top for freestanding wall.
Chunk - Irregular machine broke sizes.
Cobble Stone - Natural stone 4-6" diameter used as veneer and laid to fit.
Cut Stone - Stone cut to specific dimension.

Dry lay - Stacked stone wall, dry or with mortar hidden.

Hearth Stone - Large stone used in front of fireplace fire chamber.
Hunk - Irregular machine broke sizes.

Jumper - Used to end a horizontal mortar joint.

Laid Bed Face Out - A wall laid so the natural bed is visible as the face/front.
Laid Split Face Out - A wall laid so the split face is visible as the face/front.

Machine Broke - Vertically broke material with straight edge.

Natural Bed - The top or bottom of a natural layer of stone in the ground.

Pitched Stone - Face is pitched to produce a bold appearance.

Rubble - Irregularly sizes partly trimmed square or rectangular masonry textured stone.

Sill - Single stone used under doors & windows.
Split Face - Face of stone is broken at right angles to top & bottom surfaces.

Tumbled Material - Square corners & edges have been rounded off.

Veneer Stone - Sliced stone facing used for ornamentation on non-load bearing surface.

Web - Irregular shaped pieces generally laid face out.
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